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Lose Weight in Austin and San Antonio, TX

August 24, 2021 Jorge Ramos Comments Off

Losing weight in Austin, San Antonio, Central Texas, or anywhere in the world, should not be a goal, an objective, or a purpose. It should be a result!

Think about it this way. If you are overweight, gaining weight was never a purpose, an objective, or a goal. It just happened and it happened as a result of having developed a metabolic disorder called Hyperinsulinemia, which is characterized by higher levels of blood insulin than corresponding ones after eating.

When a person suffers from this metabolic disorder, you do not actually have to eat badly or eat a lot, or be sedentary to accumulate fat in the body gradually and insidiously.

And of course, the more fat accumulates in the body, the more the person needs to eat because of his/her corpulence. In this way, high insulin level causes a vicious circle in which the more fat there is in the body, the more insulin the pancreas produces when faced with the same stimulus; and the more insulin there is in the blood, the more fat accumulates in the body, which explains why being overweight is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem, the indicator of the problem, the reflex to the problem, the warning of the problem, the signal of the problem.

The problem is Hyperinsulinemia (high insulin levels in the blood)

So losing weight or getting rid of the symptom should not be an objective or a goal, but a result of solving the underlying problem of being overweight, through regulating insulin levels in blood.

PRINSO HEALTH CENTER specializes in the Specific and Natural Prinso Program, aimed at addressing the core issue of overweight, namely insulin disorder. This underlying problem is addressed by regulating blood insulin levels through the Prinso Program, comprising three key components:

– Prinso Natural Support, which may involve Acutherapy with Acupuncture or Acutens or Phytotherapy with Prinso Capsules.
– Prinso Healthy Eating, is characterized by natural, complete, varied, and ample nutrition.
– Prinso Awareness, providing comprehensive information about the reality of overweight’s underlying problem, its severity, and the importance of commitment to successfully completing the Prinso Program for achieving and maintaining an appropriate weight.

Thus, with the Prinso Program, you lose weight as a result of solving the cause of being overweight, without hunger, without becoming malnourished, but rather, eating extremely well and more times a day and with guidance and support to manage cravings well.

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